Join our team to create a world where mental wellness is accessible to all.

Join our team to create a world where mental wellness is accessible to all.

At MindVibe, our team is fueled by a deep passion and empathy, committed to the goal of enhancing the well-being and happiness of individuals every day. As we rapidly expand, we are on the lookout for fresh talent to join our journey!

Generous Compensation Collaborative culture Remote Flexibility
We provide a generous and flexible compensation package that generally exceeds 120% of average provider pay in the region.
We create a supportive environment for our team that is built on respect. Our strength lies in our diverse team of professionals who bring a multitude of perspectives and solutions to our practice.
As the work place evolves, so do we – offering a hybrid work model that marries the best of both worlds: the collaborative spirit of office work with the adaptability of remote virtual work.

Hear about us from our team

From responsive and approachable leadership and colleagues who discuss the latest in evidence-based practice, to the medical assistants and office staff who assist with keeping the patients connected, I feel supported at every level in my employment with MindVibe. I am given the tools and resources I need to care for the patients I see.


I appreciate the level of autonomy and flexibility that allows for a work/life balance. The administration is approachable and allows for my voice to be heard in the development of practice policies and procedures.


I have worked at several different outpatient psychiatry practices in the past, and MindVibe has the best experience by far! The company provides autonomous practice with plenty of clinical support and allows sufficient time for me to see my patients and do my documentation (1/2 hour for follow-up appointments and 1 hour for new evaluation). The back-office team is efficient and takes care of much of the day-to-day paperwork and follow-up work and that would typically bog down my day. I have never worked at a better office or with a better team!


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