DeAdra Jordan,


DeAdra Jordan

For nearly two decades, De has gained experience in providing psychiatric and mental health nursing services in a wide variety of settings, including: inpatient units, emergency departments, home health care, and community-based services. Dealing with the various settings has shaped her ability to truly treat everyone as an individual with unique needs. De has seen first hand the stigma that is often placed on mental health patients and quickly realized that “mental health service was my calling, and knew I wanted to have a more profound impact on helping others achieve improved mental and emotional health.” De strives to provide complete care for her patients by working collaboratively with her patients and colleagues to determine treatment goals while aiming for progressive improvement and health maintenance. While De treats an array of disorders, she is most passionate about helping her patients with anxiety and depression. She regularly employs the attributes of kindness, care, and authenticity when helping her patients become the best version of themselves.

A transfer from Texas, De stays in touch with family back home through calls and Facetime, but she looks forward to meeting new friends and spending time with her family here.

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