Lester Willis DNP  PMHNP


Lester Willis

A proponent of evidence-based care, Lester believes that “the most pertinent part of treating mental illness is first realizing that the patient is the most important part of the medical team.” Following in his father’s footsteps, Lester joined the medical field in the setting of psychiatry. He is often described as kind, caring, and competent by those who know him well, and these attributes allow him to understand the complexities of conditions and recommend treatment options while taking into consideration the patients’ goals and desired outcomes. “I am aware that most conditions occur on a spectrum and some symptoms will overlap one another. I am passionate about understanding the basis for each individual’s unique presentation so that the appropriate treatment can be offered, to ease suffering and restore optimal functioning.” Lester strives to improve the overall quality of life for all of his patients, no matter the illness or spectrum of illnesses they may be facing.

Lester and his wife Haidy, also a nurse practitioner, are busy living life – raising their two young children together.

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